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IPS Tablet LCD Screens With Touch Panels

Dengyi offers tablet LCD screen which size ranging from 10.1 inch to 15.6 inch, with IPS wide viewing angle, slim design, high brightness with power-saving. Ebenmore, Innolux is employing the latest AAS technology , AUO use AHVA, to ensure that panel color performance remains nearly constant at all viewing angles, which is much needed in tablets.
As the size of tablet display was getting larger, and the demand of 2 in 1 notebook with touch panel becomes popular, Dengyi provides 10.1 inch to 15.6 inch of TFT LCD panels for tablet and 2 in 1 notebook using.     

The size of tablet LCD screen:

10.1 inch 11.6 inch 13.3 inch 14.0 inch 15.6 inch    


Tablet LCD panelsProduct: LCD Panels for Tablet Display
Price: USD 35/pcs to USD 45/pcs.
Stock: 30,000 pcs Available
Brand: Innolux / AUO / HSD 
Interface: LVDS or EDP or Mipi
Grade: A grade and A- grade (A minus)
Size: 10.1" to 15.6"

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